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DNA from organisms inhabiting the sample may interfere with the signal. We examined a method to reduce signal contamination in samples with a mixed population of microbes. Two different universal probes were used to detect presence or absence of a specific target on the sample. The results were compared with data obtained by conventional FISH. To test the method, we analyzed two samples in which the microbial community structure is representative of different kinds of environmental samples (soil, fresh water, human gut, etc.). An initial screening experiment of bacteria-rich samples revealed a slight decrease in signal intensity. The method was then applied to analysis of an environmental sample (a soil sample) containing a wide variety of microbes, and it allowed us to distinguish the signal obtained with a specific probe from the interference of unrelated microbe-derived signal.  In addition,  we observed signals of individual microbes  that had been missed by conventional FISH  in a similar way to  the so-called'signal void phenomenon.'  A preliminary study of the human gut microbiota revealed different signals in samples from different individuals.  Taken together,  these results suggest that the method can be applied to a broad range of environmental samples in which there are significant amounts of DNA from a wide variety of microbes, as well as to the study of the microbiome of complex samples.   MATERIALS AND METHODS Materials and methods. Raw data.   RESULTS (see also [Figure 5---figure supplements 3](#fig5s3){ref-type="fig"}, [4](#fig5s4){ref-type="fig"} and [5](#fig5s5){ref-type="fig"})  *Samples*: The first sample we analyzed is a complex environmental sample: soil.  The second sample is a microbial community from the human gut.  A'signal void' was observed.  This result suggested that there was a difference in the density of the probes used for the two samples.  The second sample was processed in order to check whether the signal void was a result of the difference in density of the probes.  We observed a signal void in the sample and that this can be prevented by more stringent hybridization conditions.  This sample was also processed for a more detailed analysis to identify potential contributors to the signal void.  The results are shown in [Figure 5---figure supplement 5](#fig5s5){ref-type="fig"}.  In addition, in order to test whether the method could be applied




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Passware Kit Forensic 13.5 Crack

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